Clays and Men


Why do I write? Why won’t I write? Even when my mouth is shut, my mind is continuosly talking. There are things that I need not utter to anyone but myself... hence, the journal. What do I write? Well, I’ll share a glimpse of what’s inside.

A trip to Universal studios. I thought I’d keep the map of the whole area. Although I would have wanted to keep the whole map with the front and back but it won’t fit in my journal.

Flowers given to me by my husband and my kids. Flowers wither and die so I thought I’d keep some of it.

A note from a man who cleaned our hotel room. It has personality and sincerity at the same time. Whether it was him who wrote this or not, it was still a pleasant surprise.

I try to keep all the pages filled up. Though I like to be those wonderful journals I see on Instagram with all the stamps and stickers, I can’t seem to do it. I don’t think I’m one of those type (took me a while to accept that). So instead I write what I think and I write what I like. It is my thoughts and nobody should invade it. It is my own personal internalization, my own personal growth.

My thoughts, my words; 
My mind, my heart.
I speak of my mind;
And I speak of my heart.
- ambquezada

My Own Compost Pit

Sunday, May 13, 2018

There are a lot of ways to make my garden blossom. But I do not like to use any artificial products. Instead, I decided to make my own compost. I collect scrap veggies, excess fruits, egg shells, soil and everything natural. Dumped it in a sack and once in a while I turn the sack to shake everything inside. Whenever I plant, I get a few soil at the bottom and add it in my pot.

Tissue Rolls

I read an article in Pinterest about using tissue rolls as pots. Ever since, I have been using these as my growing pots. Here I’m showing you how I turn them into pots.

These are all used up tissue rolls. Save the middle part, don’t throw them away.

Cut about 3/4 inch on one end. Make sure you cut around 5 of it.

Next is try to fold them over each other but save the last one and reverse fold it so that it’ll lock into place.

Like so.

Push everything toward the middle trying to flatten it out. Don’t worry if it’s not even on all sides, as long it can stand flat. There may be times when there will be a hole in the middle, it’s okay. Water will pass through it. Just make sure that the hole in the middle is not so big or the soil may fall.

Here is one that is standing flat on it’s own.

So here are my tissue roll pots, ready to receive seeds or seedlings that I’ve rooted in water.