Fighting Diabetes (The Sanofi Way)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I was given the opportunity to be part of a training program that had changed my life forever. I'm a high risk patient with a family history of Diabetes Mellitus on both sides of the family. I'm Asian, Filipino, BMI is Obese 2 with Central Adiposity. I have Mitral Valve Regurgitation, which results to occasional palpitations. Need I say more. That's just a few of my risk factors. 

We meet people for reasons beyond our comprehension but the reasons will unfold eventually. Case in point, my Diabetes Training. I had the pleasure of being recommended by my dear friend, my igsu, Dr. Billy Langreo, to be part of the LEADPH training. I then met Ms. Irene Yap who made it all possible. From then on it was history. It was not easy but with friends around, learning together, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Oh did I mention the cool people I had the pleasure of meeting during the training? Here's the beautiful people I was with during those times. 

This photo was taken during the early days of our training. We decided to call our group the "Rock On" group, hence the hand gestures. We were LeadPh batch 22.

The training has about 40% lectures, 30% Case Reporting and 30% OPD Consultations. It may sound daunting but that's what made the training more educational. The OPD Consultations helped by putting what we learned into action and it made the lectures more unforgettable. The Case Reporting and Case Discussions helped us understood the cases we saw and made a different perspective at how we used to view and understood the disease.

What LeadPh means.

Part of the training was OPD consultations. This was taken at Amang Rodriguez Hospital. With me are my classmates in medical school, Dr. Emily Doliente and Dr. Au Narisma (on my right side), and my room mate, Dr. Eva Pantino (on my left side), while waiting for our potential patients.

From left, Dr. Emily Doliente, Dr. Au Narisma, Me and Dr. Eva Pantino

Falling in line for the review of our mentor

This was at the ISDFI outpatient area. 

My very kind and very compliant patient.


With one of our mentor in the middle Dr. Danilo Baldemor (with grey shirt). The one on his right is our amazing self-dsignated President, Dr. Aron.

At the Heart of Jesus Hospital, beside the Diabetes Care Clinic.

With one of our mentor, Dr. Rino Sobrepena at Nueva Ecija Diabetes Care Clinic.

At the Closing Ceremony. With Dr. Pasaporte (grey shirt), Dr. Lim (violet shirt) and Dr. Catinding (white blouse)  with the staff of ISDFI (beside Dr. Catindig) and the staff of Sanofi (beside me, blue shirt)

Of course, the most important, my Certificate of Completion

The training wouldn't have been as educational, fun and memorable if it not for our mentors and our dear president, Dr. Aron, who, even in his gloomy days, have never failed to entertain us, forget our problems and just concentrate on our training. It was also him that encouraged me and pushed me to drink more water. I now drink 2 glasses of water before meals (yehey!). Plus the amazing people whom I have the pleasure of being around with for more than 12 days (24 days and more). Needless to say, we had separation anxieties right after the training. Although, my colleagues wouldn't admit it, but we did. We maintained our FB chatroom for our batch. I'm pretty sure our bantay, Ma'am Mai, missed us more. 

Let me have this opportunity to thank Sanofi, Ma'am Irene. Daghang Salamat. You gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself (literally) and examine the things that I thought I knew. You have also given me the biggest responsibility to spread the word on Diabetes.

Let me also thank my dear family, for the support. I usually fly back early in the morning, and they'b be concerned of how tired I looked and cheered me all the time. My dear children for always understanding my work, and for my dear husband, my great support, my influencer, my-cheer-me-up pill and my cry-me-a-river-pill, my other hand in everything, you rock Pi. I wouldn't have been the person I am now without your support and your words-of-wisdom.

Here's to fighting Diabetes!!!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Finally the day had arrived. We've been waiting for this. Truly a blessing. Congratulations hubby! 

Master of Science in Public Health - Major in Hospital Administration 

Trekking Down Memory Lane

Sunday, May 14, 2017

So I am tasked to transfer my husband's photos. Oh not much.... just more than 2000+ photos. So while I sit on the edge of the bed looking at the thousand photos, I am brought back into the past. When my kids were still tiny human beings, smiling, giggling, wondering at the smallest details about life.

How time flew so fast. Watching the kids transform before my eyes all over again, and seeing my mother smiling, ahhh the beauty of life.

To all the mothers', soon-to-be mothers... HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!

How to Make a Notebook

Thursday, May 11, 2017

If you're a fountain pen lover, besides having the difficulty to choose an ink, is the difficulty to find a notebook of your taste. A notebook that isn't too thin that would result to bleeding of inks, a notebook that you can write freely at the back no matter how wet the pen is, a notebook that is cheap and a notebook that you can get anywhere.

But that is not always the case. So I decided to make my own notebooks. I had so many loose bonds of paper of about 150 gsm and more. Here is a step-by-step photo of how we made the notebooks.

This is the loose bonds of paper. I grouped about 10 sheets and stacked them. I folded them in half and cut them.

I then folded them again in half. 

My assistant then patiently stacked them ready to be stapled together. Do not forget to include a thicker paper on the outside which would serve as your cover. Choose a paper with designs that you would want to stare at for long periods of time.

Staple them together using this kind of a stapler so that you won't need to fold the edges just to get to the center.

Make sure that the papers are all aligned. If they are not, you can always cut them straight using a cutter and a ruler or a paper cutter if you have one.

Now cut the corner of the paper using the cutter on the right. It would give you rounded edges.

The final product!

We made two sizes. One was made out of a short bond of paper, while the other one was made from a legal sized paper. 

We hope this blog has helped you. Care to share any crafts? Please leave a comment at the bottom.

The Quest for Fruits

Every once in a while I get to attend trainings, special trainings not offered by DOH. And these are the kinds of trainings I dare not miss. No offense to the lead agency in health, but sometines there are great health related trainings not offered by them.

So here I am, in a land far far away from home, trying my best to learn as much as I can, improve myself, as much as I can, sow and reap the best fruits of hard work.

But in every place that I go to, I always look for fruits to chew on. Especially now that my cardiologist has strictly advised for weight loss. He then adds the word #tawidgutom which I recite in my head every day. Oh it's not easy, I tell you. Any woman who is ovulating would tell it to you straight. But then again, at the end of the day, it's still about losing weight.

So back to my dilemna. 

I find myself searching for a fruit. I went out last night with a friend to look for some fruits to bite my teeth on. Went inside two shops, but to no avail. Did you know that some 7-eleven branches carry fruits? But not on this part of the world I suppose.

It's a good thing they offered banana during the breakfast and dinner. Still if you think about it, something that grows from a tree, seem to be scarce on this part. And yet fish, meat, eggs, pork were readily available during meal time. There seems to be something wrong here.

Can't wait to go home and munch my apples. Paging hubby dear, buy me fruits wen I get home.