Buntis Congress with UNFPA

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Last month, Buntis Congress was held in Barangay Demoloc together with 3 other barangays namely Kilalag, Pinalpalan and Datu Danwata. This was the first time that UNFPA or the United Nations Population Fund gave assitance to Malita. This was also in partnership with IP-MNCHN and DOH. This program aimed to celebrate pregnancy and the importance of ensuring the safety of mother and child by visiting their health providers, which in the local community, is their midwives.

A preview of exercises that pregnant women can do.

This is Dra. Sabay of UNFPA who brought with her some kits which included towels, baby clothes, toiletries among other stuff. Here she's showing a poster specifically made and translated to the local dialect for Malita. Will do another post on these posters.

Staff from IP-MNCHN, NCIP and UNFPA showing the audience what's inside the kit.

Miss Elenette Calinawan, a PHN from RHU-Malita and Miss Leah Labis, a midwife showing pregnant women how to do breastfeeding. Some women has the impression that it is easy to do. But in reality, it's harder than you think. For someone who has breastfed and pumped milk for 3 children, it is a skill. It doesn't come naturally. And with the growing pressure of using formula milk, more stress has to be made to ensure breastfeeding.

A few BHWs from 4 barangays doing dramatizations of different situations of pregnant women.

Here with Dra. Lala Wachurna who is a Doctor-to-the-Barrio, a very very hardworking woman (trust me when I say hardworking).

Just to show you the pregnant mothers who joined us that day.


Here are the posters made by IPHC. This concentrated on MNCHN or the Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition Program. This was translated to Tagacaolo tongue.


If there's one thing we take pride of in every family, it's when we find success not only for ourselves but also for others. This was a celebration of 3 persons who passed different licensure exams: achitecture, CPA and medical technology.

This was in Jaca Resort at Matinga Pangi. We had the whole place for ourselves.

Well kids love water and as you can see they were having a great time. Spending a lot of time in their lolo's pool helped them learn to swim. 

Hubby's Birthday

Let's just say he was surprised. We didn't tell him we had something prepared for him. The kids were waiting at home to surprise him. it was a good day for him.

We prepared a small feast, made him blow his candle too:)

We invited a few friends of his.

Overall, it was a good night.

First Communion

A few months ago R had her first communion. I tell you, I'm a cry mama. Whenever my kids reach a milestone, a drop a tear. It's just so good to see the kids reach their potential as they grow. I didn't went through this. I studied in a Chinese school so I didn't get to do this. And to see my kids pass it, the feeling is just overwhelming. Here's a few shots of that.