Children with Autism And Not Autistic Children

Friday, January 20, 2017

It is easy to say that you know about autism and that you are now aware of autism, but to brand them as "Autistic Children" is nevertheless unforgivable and ignorant. Autism has continued to mystify people but that doesn't mean that doctors and other health workers are doing nothing. More is done today than ever. With the increasing number of cases identified, it would mean that Autism Spectrum Disorder has been studied more.

It pains me to read people branding them as "autistic person" or "retarded person". Even journalist use the term. It goes to show you have not read well enough to talk about the subject matter. 

The Beauty of Travelling

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yes I know what's going through your mind. You're probably thinking about the packing, the expenses, the need to wake up early to go sightseeing. Well yes you have to do all that of course. That's a given fact. How else would you change your clothes. Well you could buy new stuff if you like and just leave everything at home, but again, that would be more expensive.

What I would be telling you is the beauty of it. Strip off the expenses, the work done before the actual travel, the planning.... we'll deal more on why you have to travel. Yes you can read all the books in the world about places and culture. You can scan them on the web. There's probably some pictures on the net. But let me tell you... to actually be in the place, to actually feel the moment, to actually have your senses working because you are there, it's a whole different experience. To be able to talk to the locals, to be able to try their local food, to be told what not to do, ahhhh... that's more than what money can buy.

Yes there's the occasional problems at the airport, the need to bring extra clothes in your carry-on luggage, but when you get to your destination, you will be building memories of your own. And no amount of photos can take what's been printed on your mind. Photos are there to capture moments. But the personal growth, mind, body and soul, it's a growth that only the experience can teach you.

Allow yourself the chance to taste, see and feel other places. Allow yourself the chance to grow. Allow yourself to talk to other people from different race and culture. After all, we are all humans. We all have the need to connect and interact. Give into that need and I can assure you, growth unlike any other. 


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Let me present to you my latest addition, the Visconti Rembrant. I forgot the name of the shop in Italy (oh please forgive me), but the lady was so helpful. She allowed me to dip the pen, and other pens I tried, in ink. When you're buying pens like this, you have to try writing with them. You have to find that smooth glide so that you won't have any difficutly in writing. And it should not be heavy on your hand, otherwise, you'll get tired and would not want to use the pen at all.

Well what can I say more, I think the beauty of the pen speakes for itself.

The Best Apple Pencil Case

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Apple Pencil, for me, is thus far the best stylus (electric/bluetooth connectivity) for me. Maybe because it is perfectly made to partner with the ipad Pro. I've tried connecting it with the ipad mini to no avail.

So how do you store the apple pencil? I have the 12.9" ipad pro. I love it. I can draw with it. The screen is big, I don't have difficulty reading my emails, my books, my pages, keynote and numbers. The downside, it's way to heavy to carry around just about anywhere. So I look for computer bags that would fit it. Problem solve. But what about the pencil?

There are a lot of straps with carry case for pencils, bags that lets you put the pencil bare (without the box that it came with). But I don't like it. I see the pencil as a sensitive item that gets destroyed easily once it's not properly stored. Here is a photo of the pencil inside the box.

Here is what's inside.

Looks sensitive right? I have been looking around for cases to carry this sensitive thing. But so far, the best one is the box that it came with. Hard, sturdy, doesn't flatten when inside my bag.

I know, I know, there are a lot of sleeves for the pencil. I chose not to buy them because the pencil won't fit inside the box if it has a sleeve. So I let it be.

Will there be an ipad mini pro? I'm hoping there would be.

After You by Jojo Moyes

Monday, January 2, 2017

I've told you before about the book "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes and how I could not put it down. Well here is another book by the same author entitled "After You". This tells of the events that followed. I was skeptical at first to read this, thinking it might not be as good as the first book I read. But this is still a good one. If you're the type who wonders what happened next, go ahead and try this one.

As for me, although this is a good one, I like the first book. But then again, we have different take on things. Go ahead and try this one out.


Mighty Scotch Tape

At a young age, M had a possessive quality with his toys. He has plenty of toys but there were those that he really liked to play with. But like all things, they break. And when that happens, he cries.... a lot... with a face that can move your soul to bits and pieces. 

So it is during these times that we happen to show him the power of fixing things with the most handy of all items in the house... the scotch tape. I'm sure almost all, if not all, of you have this lying around in your homes. We were able to fix Godzilla's tail several times, transformer's hands several times, affix the sword to some other toys so that he wouldn't have to keep putting it. 

And as he grew older, he himself would ask for the mighty sctoch tape. Doesn't cry on all broken things. He now knows there's a solution to everything.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone. Beaches were full during the holidays. Almost everyone at home is sick. We took a detour and stayed close to home. We hope you had a blast celebrating the new year.

Let me say au revoir to 2016 who has been full of surprises, disappointments, heartaches and lessons in life. Will 2017 be more difficult? Oh me oh my!