Mighty Scotch Tape

Monday, January 2, 2017

At a young age, M had a possessive quality with his toys. He has plenty of toys but there were those that he really liked to play with. But like all things, they break. And when that happens, he cries.... a lot... with a face that can move your soul to bits and pieces. 

So it is during these times that we happen to show him the power of fixing things with the most handy of all items in the house... the scotch tape. I'm sure almost all, if not all, of you have this lying around in your homes. We were able to fix Godzilla's tail several times, transformer's hands several times, affix the sword to some other toys so that he wouldn't have to keep putting it. 

And as he grew older, he himself would ask for the mighty sctoch tape. Doesn't cry on all broken things. He now knows there's a solution to everything.