Post Election

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So as it turned out, new officials are elected. We are hoping big things to happen. Congratulations to the new elected officials. To those who did not win, it's okay. It takes time to accept why things happen. God may have other plans for you.

Also, there are still other ways to help in the community. But I say still, congratulations to all. You took on a big challenge.

Good morning everyone.

Night Swimming at Marco Polo

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

While mommy is doing work, the rest of the gang are having a blast at the pool. No worries, it was free.  The kids had a blast. This was taken last Oct 2, 2013.

Ready to jump again.

Marco kept jumping back into the water. Good thing Reese was able to stand on her own in the pool.

Look at them go.

Yosi Samra

Monday, October 7, 2013

I've been looking at this pair for months now. Didn't know when I'd be able to get them but finally I did. The best part was they shipped it to me. Hurray for online shopping. I'm a happy mama.

A tip though, buy a bigger. If possible 2 sizes bigger. I bought mine 1 size bigger. But I'm still happy with it.

it came with a shoe bag

Look at them, they're beautiful.
You can check out Yosi Samra Philippines for new styles.

Fiesta ni Sto. Rosario

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tomorrow is our parochial fiesta. The streets are busy. You can see ukay-ukay on the sidewalk, ranging from shirts, shorts, leggings, pedal, pants, curtains and even comforters. Look at my loot. 

our loot

Hubby and I bought clothes for the kids. I know, i know. The germs and all that. I'll be washing them personally so I know when to stop scrubbing. hehehe The prices ranged from P10 to P25 max. And I bought some cute slips for them too, which costs P5 per pair.

If it weren't for the light rain, I'd still be walking the streets and looking for clothes. But hubby insisted we get out the rain. And here is my snack for the afternoon, hot water with ginger and puto. 

hot water with ginger and puto

Before I forget, it's also my dad's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday papa! He'll be turning 57 tomorrow. But I heard that's not going to be part of his trivia tomorrow so I mentioned his age. hahaha Watch out for the trivia tomorrow at 6-8am at JB103.9 FM, The Jewel of the South.