Manila Ocean Park 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

The kids had been waiting for this for months. So imagine how excited they were when we finally went here. As you can see in the photos they had a blast.

M kept pointing everywhere.

We had to keep holding M during photo-op. He couldn't keep still.

M's favorite... popcorn.

Congratulatiobs to the New Diplomates

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last November 30, 2013, my husband took his oath as a new diplomate in general surgery.  There were 58 new Diplomates from all over the country.  It was never an easy road. I saw him burn the midnight candle, making powerpoint presentations, studying for an exam or reading before doing any surgical operations.

I saw heard him talked about work, his colleagues, his frustrations and his achievements.

So to you dear hubby, Congratulations.

Dr. Glinard Quezada, Dr. Jaysum Val Ligue, Dr. Virgilio Bonleon

Thank you Cef of Kasuotan for my gown.

Awake and Asleep

This is how they are when they are asleep, quite, barely moving... peaceful.

And this is how they are when they are busy with technology. See any resemblance? :)

Making Kids Take a Bath

Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is one way of making kids take a bath when they really don't want to. 

Bullies are not just for kids!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do you know people who loves nothing more than to put other people down? Do you know people who loves nothing more than to criticize other people as if they're gods? Yes these people do exist I tell you. And it's just so sad that they resort to doing so. Do they think that by doing so people respect them more? They just put themselves down. They just sold themselves short. 

If you know people who seems like these or are exactly like these? Don't mind them. They don't measure up to you I'm pretty sure. And if they did get to you and just made your life a living hell, fight back 'cuz these people are just plain bully.

Great Game Alain Ngalani

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So I'm watching UFC with Alain Ngalani on TV. I'm not a big fan of watching this sports events. But hubby has the remote tonight so I just had a few glimpse of the fight. What really caught my attention though was when I saw the opponent fell down. I immediately asked hubby what happened. He said he was kicked. So I had to wait for the slow replay to really see what happened. What amazed me was that even when his opponent went down, he bent down and asked if his opponent was alright. In a time when I see in almost all events where they don't really care about each other, it's a sight of relief to see that some players think of it as just a sport. He didn't hold a grudge against his oppenent. For that I salute you!

Hey ma!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today reminded me so much of my mama. They started putting up the Christmas tree and I just wished she was here. 

Breakfast was served and it was one of our favorite food. She introduced me to kamote with dayuk. Sounds yucky, but it's a perfect combination. 

Eveytime I eat bagoong, she'd always wanted it cooked with tomatoes and onions. 

Wherever you are mama, i love you and I miss you everyday!

Breastmilk is still best during emergencies!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have been reading a lot of calls on social media site regarding donations, in kind or in cash. And everytime I read it, I can see that they included and written "powdered milk for infants". I would just like to remind of the governments law which is "The Milk Code", which prohibits the advertising and the promotion of formula milk.  

In as much as we would like to help, donating formula milk is not an answer. In a time when water is not available and sterilizing bottles is not feasible and breastmilk is the most nutritious food for infants, powdered milk should not be allowed in any food packs. 

I appeal to your hearts for donations for the victims of supertyphoon Yolanda but I would just like to remind you that breastmilk is the best for babies.

Let's continue to pray for all our brothers and sisters. 

Bangon Pinoy!

Post Election

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So as it turned out, new officials are elected. We are hoping big things to happen. Congratulations to the new elected officials. To those who did not win, it's okay. It takes time to accept why things happen. God may have other plans for you.

Also, there are still other ways to help in the community. But I say still, congratulations to all. You took on a big challenge.

Good morning everyone.

Night Swimming at Marco Polo

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

While mommy is doing work, the rest of the gang are having a blast at the pool. No worries, it was free.  The kids had a blast. This was taken last Oct 2, 2013.

Ready to jump again.

Marco kept jumping back into the water. Good thing Reese was able to stand on her own in the pool.

Look at them go.

Yosi Samra

Monday, October 7, 2013

I've been looking at this pair for months now. Didn't know when I'd be able to get them but finally I did. The best part was they shipped it to me. Hurray for online shopping. I'm a happy mama.

A tip though, buy a bigger. If possible 2 sizes bigger. I bought mine 1 size bigger. But I'm still happy with it.

it came with a shoe bag

Look at them, they're beautiful.
You can check out Yosi Samra Philippines for new styles.

Fiesta ni Sto. Rosario

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tomorrow is our parochial fiesta. The streets are busy. You can see ukay-ukay on the sidewalk, ranging from shirts, shorts, leggings, pedal, pants, curtains and even comforters. Look at my loot. 

our loot

Hubby and I bought clothes for the kids. I know, i know. The germs and all that. I'll be washing them personally so I know when to stop scrubbing. hehehe The prices ranged from P10 to P25 max. And I bought some cute slips for them too, which costs P5 per pair.

If it weren't for the light rain, I'd still be walking the streets and looking for clothes. But hubby insisted we get out the rain. And here is my snack for the afternoon, hot water with ginger and puto. 

hot water with ginger and puto

Before I forget, it's also my dad's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday papa! He'll be turning 57 tomorrow. But I heard that's not going to be part of his trivia tomorrow so I mentioned his age. hahaha Watch out for the trivia tomorrow at 6-8am at JB103.9 FM, The Jewel of the South.

State of the Region Address by Director Priscilla Razon

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today I attended the State of the Region Address by Regional Director Priscilla Razon. It was a different environment from the functions I usually attend. Maybe because it's the first time I attended such an event from the DSWD and not from the DOH. 

It was nice to see new faces in the crowd, but it was better to see familiar faces. Got to meet focal persons of the different programs. Also, it pave the way for me to understand better the different programs of DSWD and their updates. 



It started out well. I arrived just in time as she was welcoming guests. She looked very good too even at the distance where I was sitting. Then she stopped and asked her assistant to continue for her. She was exhausted. 911 was there to assess her. As I approached the stage, I could feel it was hot. Although the room was airconditioned, the spotlight made the stage hot. She said she was sick for several days now. She was having cough. Her doctor already told her to take it easy, but she wanted to deliver her SORA. We advised her not to do anything exhausting for the mean time. 

Malita got cheques for the Supplemental feeding and Social Pension Program. With me were Philippine Councilors League Federation President Marianella Malinao, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer for Davao del Sur Mrs. Esterlita Hermosisima and Ms. Alona Estrella-Lagat of LGU Malita. 


When her message was done, she managed to stand again and deliver her last few messages. Then she went on with the pictorial. I'd say she handled everything gracefully. Kudos to Director Razon. 


Missing you terribly

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I love taking photographs. I've been looking at my collections and wonder why I didn't have much of mama's last few months. I have a few of them. Only a few. Maybe I didn't like seeing her sick and don't wanna remember her sick. But As I was browsing, I wish I had taken more of them. I guess I miss her so so much. 

Everyday as I walk around the house I'd ask myself what she'd be talking about. We used to have this conversation about plants, how she'd put things, how she'd arrange them. I would remember her calling everyone to clean areas around the house. 

I think about mama's purpose in life. I was told that maybe her purpose was to make sure we were all doing okay. But I say I don't need much. I need her more than what she left us. 

Whenever I pass by her photo or visit her grave, I always tell her, "Ma I'm here, how are you? I miss you." And everytime I'd imagine her saying , I'm okay, how's everybody?" And then I'd say, "everybody is doing fine, we're all here and wish you were here with us too." 

It's been two months and it feels like it was just yesterday. I don't think I'm gonna be okay without her. I can deal with it sooner or later. I love you mama. I miss you terribly. 

Working on a Healthy Lifestyle - J U I C I N G !

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ever since mama got sick, we've been trying  to lead a healthy life. We've started juicing. We used mainly fruits. The only vegetable we juiced was carrots. Then recently I stumbled upon sited with recipes for juicing. I'm more of homemade juicing than those commercially bought. Homemade for me means no preservatives, and no other ingredients besides fruits and vegetables. Plus, I get to decide how it would taste.

Juicing does a lot of goodness to your body. It cleanses the body of toxins, prevents you from getting sick and helps you lose weight. It does take out your time to buy the vegetables, prepare the juicer and chop the ingredients. But then again, think about all the goodness.

Here are the websites if you're interested: Juice Recipes, Reboot with Joe and Juicing Diet.

My favorite ingredients thus far are celery, spinach, ginger, apple and lemon. Combine them all and you've got a very good juice.

Care to share your recipes...

Basic Dengue Training and Prevention

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dengue is now endemic in the Philippines. All year round, everywhere, dengue is there. We have been trying to eradicate this disease but it is still here and a lot of people are still affected. Is the authorities not doing enough? DOH-CHD Regional Director Dr. Abdullah Dumama came and spoke of his experience with the disease during his time as MHO of Cotabato City. "We have been trying to eradicate the disease for the longest time, lahat na ginawa na pero andyan pa rin.", said the director.

Part of the training was to introduce a new classification of dengue infection. With the Revised Dengue Classification, hopefully more patients can easily be treated, minimizing the risk for hemorrhage and fluid overload. Apart from this, advocacy, vector surveillance and program implementation and monitoring and evaluation were taught.

We also went to Catalunan Grande to experience first hand and see the ABKD ( Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue). It was a humble experience. Most of the people living their have at least 1 family member who had suffered dengue, making them more conscious of dengue.

At the end of the training, we gained knowledge, experience and new friends.

the whole group wearing the pink dengue shirt

Group 2 doing their cheer

Group 1 doing our cheer

at Catalunan Grande Health Center

Group 1

Outfit post din pag may time

doing the house-to-house interview