Basic Dengue Training and Prevention

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dengue is now endemic in the Philippines. All year round, everywhere, dengue is there. We have been trying to eradicate this disease but it is still here and a lot of people are still affected. Is the authorities not doing enough? DOH-CHD Regional Director Dr. Abdullah Dumama came and spoke of his experience with the disease during his time as MHO of Cotabato City. "We have been trying to eradicate the disease for the longest time, lahat na ginawa na pero andyan pa rin.", said the director.

Part of the training was to introduce a new classification of dengue infection. With the Revised Dengue Classification, hopefully more patients can easily be treated, minimizing the risk for hemorrhage and fluid overload. Apart from this, advocacy, vector surveillance and program implementation and monitoring and evaluation were taught.

We also went to Catalunan Grande to experience first hand and see the ABKD ( Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue). It was a humble experience. Most of the people living their have at least 1 family member who had suffered dengue, making them more conscious of dengue.

At the end of the training, we gained knowledge, experience and new friends.

the whole group wearing the pink dengue shirt

Group 2 doing their cheer

Group 1 doing our cheer

at Catalunan Grande Health Center

Group 1

Outfit post din pag may time

doing the house-to-house interview

Cebu (Part II)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday came and I could take the kids out... Finally. First stop was Sto. Nino.

Next stop was Rainforest Park. 

Finally, last stop was at a playground inside SM Cebu. 

And the kids had so much fun. 

Prayers for Them

Monday, August 19, 2013

I feel sad for the families of the passengers of Roro St. Thomas Aquinas. Even watching it on the news is hard. The family is sending prayers that they may find peace and comfort in our Father. 

Cebu 2013 (Part I)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I spent one and a half day attending to and arranging my class schedule. Yap, you read it right. Classes, I'm taking my masteral class. And I brought the kids with me while dear hubby is away on vacation. We're staying at Cebu Business Hotel. It's not a 5-star hotel but it'll do. Our room is big enough for 4 adults and 3 kids. Plus I got a discount for being a student of UV. 

So far our experience is not at all bad. From the plane ride towards Cebu up until our last night here. The kids were so excited to ride the plane. They kept looking at the window, looking at the clouds and looking at the ground and sea. The kids stayed at the hotel room while I was in school. And this afternoon I took them to Ayala Mall. And of course, they got new toys. 

Looking forward to a wonderful last day tomorrow. 

My Very Vocal Girl

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's funny how kids can give you a perspective of things. They say things without holding back. 

For a couple of days now I keep on nagging when I'm home. I feel like nothing is done right. So I end up mad and very vocal. When I'm at work, I feel like I have nothing else to think about but the moment. The stress... I think I brought it home. In as much as I try not to involve everyone especially my kids, I think I fail in that department. 

So imagine when my 3-year-old daughter, out-of-the-blue, said, "mommy bakit lagi kang galit?". The little girl who was so alive, vibrant and always watching every move everybody makes says something like that....  It just caught me off guard.  Well as anybody would do, i just had to defend myself and say, "kasi makulit ka, hindi ka nakikinig sa akin". Bad right? In as much as I try to outdo what happened, it's done. 

A lot of mother would say they are bad in some ways, I guess we all are. I salute mothers who say they never got out of control. I, on the other hand, is only human. I do get mad, I do nag. 

Since last night I've been thinking about what my daughter said and it hit me right on the spot. Maybe I am always mad and angry. Maybe I need a little breather. So I washed the thermos, wiped the table and just basically cleaned the room (don't judge me, it was 9 in the evening and it was pouring outside. What else could I possibly do?)

And till this morning I'm still thinking about what she said and I'm still cleaning the room 😉