Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Icka Santos of Ickagraphs

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It was  a privilege to be able to attend this workshop. It was different from doing the Copperplate which I am accustomed to. This is finding out one's own style of writing. Thank you ma'am Icka. I had so much fun. Thank you Eshma for tagging me on her post.

Ms. Icka Santos

Allow me to share with you a photo of the snacks they served.

Even my alphabets are in Copperplate.

A few versions of my "hello"

The most beautiful "Anne" I have ever made thus far, with my own style of writing

Photo-op with some of the participants. Too bad our works can't be seen clearly here. All are beautiful.

This one is my work at home. Before using nibs, I wanted to practice with pencil. Will do flourish next time.

Honouring the Pillars in the Department of Surgery at Davao Doctors Hospital

It was a night filled with good food, laughter, fun conversations and drinks. This was the first for the Davao Doctors Hospital where the pillars in the Department of Surgery were given honour: Dr. Aportadera, Dr. Go, Dr. Santos and Dr. Villano. Also, the visiting consultants were given a very special pin and a new coat imprinted with their names. 

Congratulations to everyone, most especially to my husband, Dr. Glinard L. Quezada. I'm sure you had a very great time. 

Congratulations also to Dr. Abrantes, who graduated from the 5-year residency program and for the wonderful party.

Dr. Aportadera

Dr. Go

Dr. Santos

Dr. Villano

The Pillars with the current officers

Social Pension Implementation Review

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Social Pension Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development has helped a thousand of our indigent senior citizens all over the country. With a monthly aid of P500 pesos, this aims to help them with their food or medicines. With the aim of perfecting the program, it is therefore important to review how the program went, hence the activity.

We were brought back to the legal bases of the said program and the new guidelines was also presented. We, the implementers, hope that the coverage would be widened to include the 60-year-olds, as this is budget-driven for now. 

Peer Counsellors' Training

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The youth are the future generations. That's a given fact. How we nurture, protect, care and teach them will be the outcome of their future. With the growing incidence of teenage pregnancies and crimes involving youth, it is important that we make a stand and we fight for their future, a better and brighter tomorrow.

Last July 14 to 16, 2015, the Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development held a Peer Counsellors' Training which were facilitated by youth peer counsellors from Sto. Tomas in the persons of Dinny Tumbaga, Rambert Mangay, Ronnie Rinos and Jane Ompoc. This was in partnership with the Municipal Health Office. A total of 21 youth participants were present and they came from different barangays in Malita. Through this, we hope to get partners in our goals to better help the youth. We also hope to replicate this training to other barangays.

Dr. Rosario Mosqueda, MHO, giving her welcome speech

This was taken during one of their games

Pia Salome Emperador who is one of the MSWDO staff joined the training and was voted as their President.

Giving her valedictory speech

With the MSWDO staff, Facilitators (seated on the floor) and the Participants (standing at the back)


Next stop for the RHU On WHEELS was Barangay Pinalpalan. With over a 100 patients, both pregnant, old and young, their immediate needs hopefully were met. The smiles of pregnant mothers seeing their child on the ultrasound machine screen is priceless. We would like to thank the barangay officials for the very warm accomodation. Thank you also to Dr. Glinard Quezada for coming with us, bringing additional medicines for the young and old. We look forward to our next stop, barangays Kilalag and Lagumit.

Prenatal area and ultrasound room in one.

Provincial Ambulance

Barangay Midwife

Barangay Health Worker

Kagawad Diding Alcordo

Dr. Rosario Mosqueda doing a scan

lectures while waiting for their turn

Dr. Glinard Quezada attending to patients

CVD Coordinator Elenette Calinawan

Dr. Jennifer Balbuena

Med Tech Stella Solitana

MSWDO Staff Elvira Malinog and Liza Diamale

Contraceptive Coordinator and TB Coordinator Indira Christine Doromal

Pregnant women were given Arrozcaldo while waiting

Dr. Glinard Quezada with his team from the Provincial Health Office