Christmas Costume Party

Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's been a great year for my family and the rest of the clan. What better way to end the year than to party, a costume party that is. Everyone was told to dress in their best superhero or super villain costumes. No double takes, everyone has to inform my brother who they'll be coming as.

Penalty for not wearing costume was a whopping P5000, plus two shots of drinks and a possibility of not getting invited to future parties.

Scroll down to see the photo diary of that night.

we just had to take photos of ourselves before going to the party. i was lara croft.



my sister eshma


hubby and me

kuya mau and pearl
tine and bryan

with ate mau



gali and brett


brett and my bro ting

the men

the women

the kids

esh and jean

the siblings
It was fun for all of us. Happy New Year!!!

Turning the big 3-0!

It was my brother's birthday too last December 28, 2011 and I was glad he came back to the city. We were able to prepare a small feast for him and the kids sang a birthday song. Of course, no birthday would ever be complete without cakes and candles. We wanted to make him feel young so we brought out the candles.

Happy birthday bro!

Hubby's Anniversary Gift

I woke up past 12 midnight. I wanted to wait for it but I got tired and I didn't notice I was already asleep. I saw a white box on the side of my eyes. Half awake I held it making sure I was seeing right, then went back to sleep again. By morning I checked again to see if the box was there. True enough it was. I held it looking for a note or card but there was none. I was curious to see what was inside.

I opened the box slowly and unwrapped the white paper. Then I saw it. I was sooooo happy. Been wanting to have my own one and not just borrowed from my parents. And it was the type I wanted, structured, to keep my things in place.

Thank you so much pi! Thank you for listening:) hahaha

Going Green Friday

LGU Christmas Party

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It was the first time I attended the LGU Christmas Party. Memo indicated the attire should be "Cocktail Dress" with "heeled shoes". Good thing hubby had his graduation before the Christmas party, I was able to have a rundown wearing my shoes. I'm not really a fan of high-heeled shoes but as I have mentioned in my post on fashion bloggers, it gave me the courage to wear what I want to wear and not be afraid of anything. Fashion bloggers have encourage me to try something new and out of my usual comfort zone. So here are some of my photos which were taken by ate Menchie, our official photographer.

Dress from Loalde, shoes from primadonna, bag: borrowed from my sister

Earrings are my own, a gift from my mom; blue semi-precious stone necklace I borrowed from my sister

with Anna, Jean and Tine

It was a night filled with laughter, good food and good company. Had a blast!

To my one and only

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It has been 5 years since we made our vows. Who would have thought that we'd have 3 beautiful kids?! And though we may not have the best of everything, we have each other.

R, G, K

Everyday is a challenge to make it through. Although our work has resulted to this (I would say) long distance relationship, I'm glad that you are still the man I married 5 years ago.

Thank you for all the tears, for without them I would not be this strong. Thank you for all the laughters, for without it I would not know happiness. Thank you for your love, for without it I would not know where I belong.  Happy Anniversary Pi!

Conversations with SM Davao

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I finally had a meeting with the SM Administration. Did you know that their department is different from that of the department store and the supermarket? I didn't know that. So anyway, despite the rain that's been happening the whole day, I finally got to meet the manager of SM Administration. They are the ones handling the mall.

Our meeting happened in one of the coffee shops in SM Davao. She asked me what happened during that time. So I told her the whole story. She apologized in behalf of the guard which I accepted. She told me that maybe they need to re-orient the guards regarding breastfeeding and how it has been passed as a a law. The good thing about talking to her is that she was a breastfeeding mother herself when her kids were younger. That made the whole conversation very light. She assured me that they never disallow mothers to breastfeed in public. I told her that since that incident had occurred, part of me is scared to bring my kids to their establishment.

In the middle of our conversation, their (as far as I could recall) Assistant Manager joined us. They were honest to say that they never require mothers to use their breastfeeding station. That it is there for anyone to use if they want to, and that they never told their guards to tell mothers to use their breastfeeding station. On that same topic, I told her that I once used the station with my second child but I never really felt comfortable using it. For one, the leather seat was so low, I find it hard to feed my baby given the fact that my breast hang low. When I sit, baby tends to rise which gave me a hard time. Second, there was no area to put my baby in for me to wash my hands. There was a sink outside the door but how can you use it if you can't put the baby down. Which leads me to my third point of not allowing the yaya to come in. It would be a big help to have an extra hand to hold the baby for a while while cleaning my hands or to reach something inside the bag while feeding my baby.

They asked me things that breastfeeding mothers need, like how high should the chair be and do we need pillows while feeding. They informed me that they are going to do renovations on their breastfeeding station and that they would give my suggestions to their design team. All the while they thought that the leather seat was a big help when in fact it's hindering mothers to feed.

Another point we've taken up was on using the lavatories for washing our kids. I told her that I once complained when an attendant stopped me from washing my kid. I told her that some mothers prefer washing their kid's bottoms rather than just using wipes. She told me that we could use the room for persons with diability. I told her that I was able to do so while traveling in Manila but I was never allowed to use the room here in Davao. She told me that the attendant were informed that mothers may use the PWD room and that they should teach users the function of bedet. Knowing this is a very big help.

All in all the conversation was informative for me and hopefully for her. I'm expecting big changes to happen soon.

More of Hubby's Graduation Ceremony

Monday, December 26, 2011

Here are some of the photos taken during hubby's graduation ceremony.

with my mother-in-law, Nanay Teresita

with hubby

during the presentation of graduates

with surgical and anesthesia graduates
 In case you're wondering, my dress was from Loalde and shoes were from Primadonna.

My Recents Finds: Shoebox

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I love flat shoes. While others like it high, I love it low. So imagine my excitement when I fund cheap flat shoes at Abreeza mall.

 I got the blue denim shoes. They're comfortable enough that you can roll your shoes. Plus I got if for only P699.

Go check out shoebox at 2nd floor, Abreeza mall.

Going Green Friday

Friday, December 23, 2011

plants given to my father as a birthday gift 2 years ago

Giveaways anyone?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Been thinking of hosting a giveaway. It's the season of giving right? so what do you think?

My Personalized Bracelet

I finally got to wear my custom-made bracelet by Trinkets for keeps. Each piece has it's own meaning. I've been meaning to wear it since I got it a year ago but I just didn't get the chance to. Here is the lovely bracelet with charms.

After 5 long years

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last week, hubby finally made it. After 5 years of training for general surgery, he finally graduated. Officially though, his duties will end on February. Nevertheless, he walked with Nanay on his graduation rites. I couldn't have more proud. I felt like I graduated as well.

Hubby with fellow resident

Nanay Teresita

While waiting

Dinner is served.

salad with cold cuts


Guest Speaker Dr. Reyes

Name cards

With fellow graduate Dr. Ligue

With hubby, Dr. and Dra. Ligue with Jaira Ligue


It was a memorable night for the graduates and their families as well.