According to K

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's funny how easily K follows what elders or even teachers say. Since I transferred my kids here in the province, they've been going to UCCP. Now I'm not well verse when it comes to religious matters. Mind you, i almost flank my theo class. But I know how to say my prayers with the help of close friends and my husband.

I attended the first class of my kids. One is in play school, another in nursery. I know that they start each class with a prayer and then the National Anthem before proceeding to the lesson plan. And after each prayer, as we always say, ended with "Amen and Amen". But as my daughter K would have it, she ends with saying amen, amen continuosly. Coupled with both hands raising towards the sky. Almost all the time she says it. Even at home.