First Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Training in Davao City (Day 2)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On day 2 we learned about the milk code, expanded beastfeeding act, rooming-in law and the likes. We were also taught about the lactation massage for relactation and to increase milk supply. Day 2 was more on hands-on training which I guess we all were waiting for. It was the best time of the training.

here's Tin Tin wet nursing a almost 2-month-old

yes babies were there and they have as much fun as we did. that's nadine's daughter, she's cloth diapered and she's babyworn (if there were such words)

cup feeding. she was one of the participant's daugher. it was her first time but she was good at it.

devi giving a try on using the spoon to drip milk

our volunteers, mommies and babies.

oh did I mention we had practical exams?!

and it wouldn't be complete without the tandem nursing

tin tin's show

our poster which won 

my friend devi of "the missus on the 5th block"

finally got my certificate

group pic

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