First Breastfeeding Counseling Training in Davao City (Day 1)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last October I attended the first Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors Training in Davao City. It was attended by doctors, nurses and working moms who are advocates of breastfeeding. It was in partnership with Mommysense, The POD and Rotary Club 2000. The training was given by ARUGAAN, a non-government organization who have trained a lot of people and have helped hundreds of mothers.

I've always wanted to be a counsellor. In a world where almost everything needs to have trainings, that was important to me. We had lectures, contests, debates, met new friends and reconnected with old friends.

The first day were mostly lectures and contests, participants getting to know other participants, participants getting to know the people beind ARUGAAN.

Lyn Tan of The Oak and Acorn giving us the history of Mommysense

Nutrition Council giving Ms. Velvet a Plaque of Appreciation

Nutrition Council giving a plaque to Mommysense

Nutrition Council giving a plaque to Rotary Club

Our poster on advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding

our final product, which won

poster of group 2

Nanay Rich, a lactation massage specialist. on her back is the group 1's poster

Tin Tin, a wet nurse. She had nurse more than a hundred babies

Ma'am Velvet, the head trainor

Debates on formula feeding and breastfeeding

Role playing

when to express milk when you're working
Day 1 ended with high hopes for day 2.