iClinicSys and MNDRS

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Since the latter part of 2013, Malita has been receiving technical assistance from the World Health Organization. And two of those assistance include the iClinicSys and the Maternal and Neonatal Death Reporting System (MNDRS). 

The iClinicSys is an electonic reporting system which can be used online and offline at the rural health unit and barangay health stations. The system can generate electronic reports which can be taken from all the inputs of the different pesonnel. 

The MNDRS is also an electronic reporting system for the maternal and neonatal deaths. With this, it is easier for the personnel to report and validate reports of all maternal and neonatal deaths. This would prevent underreporting of all maternal and neonatal deaths. 

For this whole week we are having trainings on these two systems. We thank the World Health Organization for the support.