Friday, January 27, 2012

We recently discovered this new place where kids could play all day. They had such a huge area and the kids had so much fun. Entrance fee during weekdays is P100/hour and on weekends it's P140/hr. They also had unlimited play that cost P300 (P24/hr).

There's a coffee shop on the ground floor so that parents and guardians who wants to pass the time can stay in this area. On the basement where the play area is, they also had a fast food for those who would like to be near the kids.

Before entering, they take your photo, the kid's photos and the guardian's photos.

The bad thing though is that kids can still go out of the play area. Some of the toys have dust in them and some of the corners are dirty.

Nonetheless the kids had so much fun they didn't wanna leave.

their logo

K was scared of the big kids running around so I
had to go in.

R having fun with the toys

Of course M would be around even if he couldn't play with his sisters.