Attachment Parenting

Monday, January 2, 2012

Once in a while I recall a few words from a blog I read on attachment parenting. Babies attended to when they need it, grow up to be happy healthy children. I am always reminded of this every time my kids cry.

I saw a feature of 3 different parenting styles in Lifestyle Network channel. I was pregnant with my second child then. They did a 3 week comparison on how babies are when subjected to 3 different styles of parenting. One featured attachment parenting, one featured letting a baby cry it out, and the last one I forgot. What got my attention was how a mother could let someone tell her to let a child cry it out at night when the baby wants to be cuddled or the baby could be hungry. Baby cried for hours and hours. There was also one scene where the babies (they were twins) were left on the patio for a fresh air. The babies were sleeping on their strollers covered. Judging on the clothes the caretaker was wearing, it was freezing cold outside.

I could never tell a mother how to take care of her own child. And I won't allow anyone to tell me how to take care of my children unless otherwise it was my own mother telling me. haha But I believe that every child is an angel, that needs to be taken cared well. There is nothing more precious to me than seeing my kids smile and giggle and run around the house shouting to their hearts content. So hug your kid, and go with the flow. Can you really resist those smiles?!