What I want for Chrstmas

Monday, December 19, 2011

I've been asked several times what I wanted for Christmas and most of the time my mind goes blank. Sure I want a lot of things, material things, things that I know, somehow soon I can buy. So let me just give you some of the things I want for Christmas:

1. a new shawl

2. new shoes. I love flats. I can't seem to get over them.

3. more black leggings

4. iphone5

5. a scanner to go with my laptop and printer

6. zatchels

7. a new car

8. my own home to decorate and clean and everything that goes with it

9. a DSLR camera

10. an oven so I can practice baking

But most of all, I want Lasik surgery. There's nothing more important for me than be able to see clearly without my glasses. I would like to play with my kids and not mind the sweat to goes down my face. I would like to swim with my kids in the pool and see their smiles clearly. I wonder how much it would cost these days.

How about you, what's your Christmas wish? Care to share?