Encourage and not discourage!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My eldest daughter R is now 3-years-old. From the time she was able to understand, I have encouraged her to look at books, watch pleasant cartoons and teach her baby songs. It has all paid up when she learned to talk. Most of what she says is in English. I could never be more proud.

But last last last week during one regular school days, I was informed by her yaya that one parent told R not to speak in English, because her child do not understand English. She was told to speak in Tagalog or Bisaya. Though there is nothing wrong in speaking in our native tongue, telling a child not to speak in her usual words is a slap on my face.

I have taught my child well, spent many nights teaching her the alphabets and numbers, singing a couple of nursery rhymes from when she was a few months old till now just so she could very well speak in any language. And for 1 parent to tell that to my child is totally unacceptable to me.

It is my opinion that it is a challenge to every parent to teach her kids well. It is not ideal to discourage a child but instead encourage other kids to learn. 

Since I do not know who the parent is, I decided to inform the teacher of the incident. I was assured that they will look into this matter. And I am hoping that something will change.