Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Next stop for the RHU On WHEELS was Barangay Pinalpalan. With over a 100 patients, both pregnant, old and young, their immediate needs hopefully were met. The smiles of pregnant mothers seeing their child on the ultrasound machine screen is priceless. We would like to thank the barangay officials for the very warm accomodation. Thank you also to Dr. Glinard Quezada for coming with us, bringing additional medicines for the young and old. We look forward to our next stop, barangays Kilalag and Lagumit.

Prenatal area and ultrasound room in one.

Provincial Ambulance

Barangay Midwife

Barangay Health Worker

Kagawad Diding Alcordo

Dr. Rosario Mosqueda doing a scan

lectures while waiting for their turn

Dr. Glinard Quezada attending to patients

CVD Coordinator Elenette Calinawan

Dr. Jennifer Balbuena

Med Tech Stella Solitana

MSWDO Staff Elvira Malinog and Liza Diamale

Contraceptive Coordinator and TB Coordinator Indira Christine Doromal

Pregnant women were given Arrozcaldo while waiting

Dr. Glinard Quezada with his team from the Provincial Health Office