Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Icka Santos of Ickagraphs

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It was  a privilege to be able to attend this workshop. It was different from doing the Copperplate which I am accustomed to. This is finding out one's own style of writing. Thank you ma'am Icka. I had so much fun. Thank you Eshma for tagging me on her post.

Ms. Icka Santos

Allow me to share with you a photo of the snacks they served.

Even my alphabets are in Copperplate.

A few versions of my "hello"

The most beautiful "Anne" I have ever made thus far, with my own style of writing

Photo-op with some of the participants. Too bad our works can't be seen clearly here. All are beautiful.

This one is my work at home. Before using nibs, I wanted to practice with pencil. Will do flourish next time.