Honouring the Pillars in the Department of Surgery at Davao Doctors Hospital

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It was a night filled with good food, laughter, fun conversations and drinks. This was the first for the Davao Doctors Hospital where the pillars in the Department of Surgery were given honour: Dr. Aportadera, Dr. Go, Dr. Santos and Dr. Villano. Also, the visiting consultants were given a very special pin and a new coat imprinted with their names. 

Congratulations to everyone, most especially to my husband, Dr. Glinard L. Quezada. I'm sure you had a very great time. 

Congratulations also to Dr. Abrantes, who graduated from the 5-year residency program and for the wonderful party.

Dr. Aportadera

Dr. Go

Dr. Santos

Dr. Villano

The Pillars with the current officers