Working on a Healthy Lifestyle - J U I C I N G !

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ever since mama got sick, we've been trying  to lead a healthy life. We've started juicing. We used mainly fruits. The only vegetable we juiced was carrots. Then recently I stumbled upon sited with recipes for juicing. I'm more of homemade juicing than those commercially bought. Homemade for me means no preservatives, and no other ingredients besides fruits and vegetables. Plus, I get to decide how it would taste.

Juicing does a lot of goodness to your body. It cleanses the body of toxins, prevents you from getting sick and helps you lose weight. It does take out your time to buy the vegetables, prepare the juicer and chop the ingredients. But then again, think about all the goodness.

Here are the websites if you're interested: Juice Recipes, Reboot with Joe and Juicing Diet.

My favorite ingredients thus far are celery, spinach, ginger, apple and lemon. Combine them all and you've got a very good juice.

Care to share your recipes...