The Best Apple Pencil Case

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Apple Pencil, for me, is thus far the best stylus (electric/bluetooth connectivity) for me. Maybe because it is perfectly made to partner with the ipad Pro. I've tried connecting it with the ipad mini to no avail.

So how do you store the apple pencil? I have the 12.9" ipad pro. I love it. I can draw with it. The screen is big, I don't have difficulty reading my emails, my books, my pages, keynote and numbers. The downside, it's way to heavy to carry around just about anywhere. So I look for computer bags that would fit it. Problem solve. But what about the pencil?

There are a lot of straps with carry case for pencils, bags that lets you put the pencil bare (without the box that it came with). But I don't like it. I see the pencil as a sensitive item that gets destroyed easily once it's not properly stored. Here is a photo of the pencil inside the box.

Here is what's inside.

Looks sensitive right? I have been looking around for cases to carry this sensitive thing. But so far, the best one is the box that it came with. Hard, sturdy, doesn't flatten when inside my bag.

I know, I know, there are a lot of sleeves for the pencil. I chose not to buy them because the pencil won't fit inside the box if it has a sleeve. So I let it be.

Will there be an ipad mini pro? I'm hoping there would be.