Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've always loved notebooks since I've always loved to write. I've found a lot of apps here on itunes that seems like the real thing.

This is how my folder looks like. As you can see I have several notebooks which makes it difficult sometimes to choose which one I like best.

Let me give a glimpse of each one.

This is the Draw Pad. You can crate your cover page. You can choose the colors of your cover page.

This is the Moleskin. What I like about this is I can post my entries to blogger. I can also add photos to my entries.

This is another one from Moleskin. You have a variety of notebooks to choose from.

The Super Note is also nice. Though I haven't really used it. This one seems a lot more organized.

This is the jotter. I think this one is best for the iphone only because of the small size. Bot the less, it's still good for jotting down to do list or remember notes.

This one is the Bamboo Paper. What I like about this is the not so complicated how-to's. I just flip the page and start writing. 

Care to share your new finds? :)