It's Back to School - New Realizations

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Are your kids back in school again? My kids are starting in the big school this year. We decided to transfer them in the city. With that said, only me and my little boy are staying in the province. It has only been days since I left them with hubby, and hey seem to have adjusted to the routine (fingers crossed). now me and my little boy are bonding very well.

But like I said, he is a little "boy" which makes it a bit hard to do some things. I have to do things like how my husband would do it so that in turn he'll know that it's a guy thing. But then again, I don't want him to think that since mama is also doing it, which makes it a universal hing. Do you get what I mean? But in a way, it's a nice feeling to bond with my son. There are qualitites of a boy that is quite different from my girls. For one, he's very very active. He likes dinosaurs and superman and batman and the rest of the justice league, while my girls like barbies and ponies and everthing in pink. My boy wants to play with his sisters, he likes to drag them and tell them to just sit still while my girls would like to do some other things. Sometimes I have to be the sisters to play with their brother.

My girls are learning to be independent, though there are things that they couldn't do alone. But in a way, they are earning to value it. They tell me what they want to do and what they do not like, They like to share their opinion and my 4-year old likes to question everything. But ultimately what every parent wants for his/her child is to love God, value life, contribute to life and be able to have real friends. The rest comes naturally I suppose.

Most of the time a saying pops in my mind from the series CSI, "To each his own". Maybe so, but I also believe that "no man is an island" and "everyone needs everyone else".