No. 66 of 100 Happy Days

Monday, July 28, 2014

This month we celebrate Nutrition. When teachers and barangay officials come to our office to ask for food stuff to celebrate nutrition month, we are glad to offer little assistance that we could. This was our journey going to Domingo Bautista School.

as you can see, sea level was low.

It was low tide so we had to walk to get to our boat. Thank you Hon. Bradly Bautista for the ride.

picture muna bago bababa ng boat. hehehe

The school was in one of these islands.

Domingo Bautista School

Pre-school Area

One of their garden area. They planted all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Elementary Department

More of their vegetable garden.

I think this is Ampalaya plant. Instead of throwing those plastic bags, they used it to plant their vegetables.

Lunch time.
I think it was almost lunch time when we left. We hope our little assistance would go a long way.