My First Watercolor Painting

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I like to draw but I'm always afraid of colors. Not doing it right, not painting it with the right shade of red, green or blue, things like that bothers me. But over the years I have learned that art is how you see it, how you interpret it, that whatever comes out of your work is your own interpretation of things.

Amongst the different types of paintings, I'm most afraid of is the watercolor. Maybe because it flows freely, that it seems hard to control. My daughters have more guts than me when it comes to paintings. So on this night, I finally did my first watercolor painting. 

I was trying to draw the flower I saw in my aunt's rest house. I don't know the name but I went and did it anyway. I bought my brushes from Morning Light. The watercolor I got from our store courtesy of my sister-in-law Tine. I'm satisfied with my first try. Hoping to do more watercolor paintings soon.