Goulet Pens Blog: Noodler's Flex Pen Cleaning and Disassembly

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I bought a Noodler's flex pen last year from The Craft Central and was disappointed because the ink was dripping when I pressed hard on the paper. So when I finished the ink, I cleaned it and just kept it. A few days ago, I decided to ink it up again and use it with my journal. I was browsing thru the net looking for great flex pens and to understand more about fountain pens (since I love "hoarding" them) and stumbled upon this video. It's a wake up call, making me love my Noodler's Flex Pen.

Goulet Pens Blog: Noodler's Flex Pen Cleaning and Disassembly:

I was able to adjust the nib, the ink flow and started to doodle with it.

The paper is not fountain pen friendly but notice the thickness of the lines? Meaning I was able to press hard on the paper without the ink dripping from the pen. I browse thru The Craft Central last night and they don't sell fountain pens as of the moment. But I'm happy I got to work with my Noodler's. If you need some tips and tricks, there are a lot of blogs that teaches you so. There's the Pinoy Penman, Goulet Pen, Leigh Reyes' Blog is also a good resource for your questions.

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