Lullabies for Babies

Sunday, May 23, 2010

When I was still pregnant with Reese, I used to listen to my ipod with one earphone attached to my belly. When she born, i sang to her all the time. She wouldn't sleep without anyone singing to her. She was always fuzzy and music soothed her. As she was growing up, she loves music. Even when she doesn't want to sleep at night and cries whenever i turn off the tv, singing to her makes her sleepy... making it my secret weapon.

When i got pregnant with Kate, I seldom listened to my ipod. I was constantly running around playing with Reese. It was only during the last few weeks that I got to use it. So naturally i never expected Kate to like music as mush as Reese does.

A week ago, Kate was fuzzy. This was new to me as she was never like that. I fed her, changed her diaper but she kept crying. I swayed her but still she cried. So I decided to use my secret weapon. To my amazement she fell asleep.

I think babies like music whether they got use to it while they were in the tummy or not. So now I sing to both of them as what I was wishing to do to all my kids.