Dengue and Pregnant

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

About a week ago, i was having high grade fever and muscle pains. I thought at first it was just ordinary flu. By the third day of my fever, i went to get a complete blood count with platelet count. It turned out normal. I went to my OB and she told me to get myself admitted in a hospital. I hated the thought of needles and all that sorts. So i told my OB that I'll just have my blood taken everyday. Over the next two days, hubby took my blood and the results revealed a decreasing platelet count and white blood count. Plus I was beginning to have premature contractions, at 34 weeks age of gestation. Hard as it was for me, got myself admitted.

I never thought I'd be one of those patients that I keep treating. I never thought dengue would hit me, let alone I was pregnant at 34 weeks. I wasn't concern that I had dengue, I was more concern of the premature contractions.

While admitted, I was referred to an infectious and a perinatologist. They had to be sure that it was dengue and nothing else since only my platelet count was increasing with no change in my hematocrit. They were also giving me meds for my contractions. And everytime they try to increase the dose, I get palpitations. Yes it was scary.

Dengue cases are indeed increasing in our country. And it doesn't choose its victims. Anyone can be bitten and become infected. I was and so can you.