My Recent Buys

Friday, August 5, 2011

So having to stay at home gave me the chance to buy so many things online. Although I had to compose myself not to buy everything I like, I just  had to buy those that I really (10x) want. Here are some of them:

EOS lip balm in sweet mint
I actually bought 2 lip balms from French Macaroons Online Boutique. The other one was summer fruit which I gave to my dear sister. I love it!

My very own Infinitude by Eden Lab Designs

I bought this one at a store in Bajada named Martish. I'm very excited to use this. I couldn't wait to buy it.

The Food of Love
This is a book about breastmilk and breastfeeding which I bought from Babymamaph. Just because this is my third pregnancy, doesn't mean I have to stop learning about it.

How about you, what are your recent buys???