My Sister's Keeper - A Review

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recently, I attended a two-day seminar for Newborn Screening. During Lunch break, our facilitator decided to show a few videos including this movie. I've seen a trailer of it on HBO. Sure I said to myself that I would like to see it but I never thought I'd be seeing it in a training.

It stars Cameron Diaz who plays a mother to a leukemic child. She wants to do everything to keep her child alive including harvesting her youngest kid's kidney to keep her sick child alive. Now this youngest daughter is looking for medical emancipation. From time to time the movie would give you flashbacks of how it all began and a glimpse of happier times. Overall it was a great movie for me.

It got me thinking, how far would
I go to say my daughter's life? Would I risk one daughter to save another? Would I be emotionally insensitive to what my sick child wants? These are some of the questions that got me thinking after that movie.

If you've seen the movie, maybe you can share your thoughts with me.