An Unpleasant Experience at the Church Office

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yesterday I had an unpleasant experience at the church. Well not exactly "the" church but their office. You see, my son will be christened on Oct. 7, 2011 here in the province. This is the first time for any of my kids to do it here. Previously we did it in the city. And we were required a Permit for Baptism for our church here in the city. Needless to say, I didn't know that they have schedules for releasing of permits.

The first time I inquired, I called. I asked what the requirements were. I explained that we will be having it here in the province. They told me to visit their office. By afternoon, I went and asked the same question. They told me that I needed to submit a marriage contract, birth certificate and the IDS. The IDS I know since as I have said, this is my third child. What irritated me during that time was the fact that they could have saved me my gas had they told me over the phone the requirements. Was that so hard to say over the phone??!

Hubby and I complied with the IDS. We attended last Saturday's Kasaulugan. We owe one more attendance since new regulations states that we needed to attend two. But our PSK was kind enough to give me the IDS despite the lack of one more attendance.

So yesterday I went again to their office to ask for the permit. I was already pissed off before going there so I was trying my hardest to contain myself. It was obvious that they just arrived since the lady behind the desk was putting her lotions,. Her perfume and baon were still on the table. Her bag was still in the table. I stood there for a couple of minutes, the lady talking to me at one time then talking to her peers while putting her lotion, then talking to me again.

Then she asked for the requirements which I handed to her with a smile. And then she told me, "By the way, releasing is only done on Wednesdays." This pissed me off more. She asked me about returning to the province. I told her that I was on my way and that I was just waiting for the permit. She had talked about asking for the nuns approval before releasing, that the nun would still have to talk to me and all that.

I was having enough of the bull crap that I just had to give her a piece of my mind, while holding back my anger of course. I complained about not being told about the schedules having been there several times. That none of them have said about it, about having been told to visit the office and was entertained for only a few seconds, and that missing my work to get the permit only to be told that releasing was on Wednesdays, had they said about that I could have scheduled my absences. After this, they told me to return at 10 o'clock.

When I got to the car, I cried. I was so furious at them that I had to cry to release my anger. I don't know why some people chose to change religions but maybe this was one of the reasons. I don't know why we have so many requirements. Shouldn't they be happy that we want to have our kid baptized in the church.

One of the other ladies kept asking me if we were married in the church which I kept saying yes!

By the time I got back, the lady was already preparing my permit. Thank goodness!

My point in all that had happened is this: it would have saved everybody the trouble had they only informed me of the schedules and the requirements. Me, being not active in church affairs, have limited knowledge in the on-goings. I don't think it would take much of their time to inform and discuss the details. In fact, it is their job to inform the public and not just type all those papers. Asking for requirements doesn't make the public aware of all the on-goings. But if they could have explained for a few minutes, it would have been best for all of us.