Book Review: Fifty Shades Series

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Has it been a week since my last post? I was so engrossed by these books that I wanted to finish all of them. I was so curious why i keep seeing these in people's photos especially in Instagram. So I bought the ebooks. Yeah just the ebooks. Made the right choice.

So what's the book about eh? It's about a guy named Christian Grey who was adopted by his parents after a dreadful childhood. His mother was a whore, a stepfather for an abuser and he witnessed his mother dead for 4 days before the police found him. How's that? It also tells you about his life as a teenager, how he likes rough sex to overcome his depression and became the richest bachelor. You would want to know how his life changed after meeting Anastasia Steele. This books is full of drama, action and suspense that will surely touch all of your senses. Just when you think it's gonna get boring, there's a twist in every corner. I hope that would make you get off your butt and buy the book na!

It's a 3 part series. One thrilling as the next. Makes you not want to put your book or ipad, for that matter, down.

Now I don't wanna give anymore or I might spill it all out. Believe me, it's worth every penny.