Remembering Them

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. Made me sentimental that I miss a few loved ones. I keep remembering them as if they were never really gone. 

My grandfather whom I was fond of. The only time we got really close was when he was having dialysis and I was more aware of his sickness. This was during my internship. I would visit him in the hospital where he was having his dialysis. My husband, who was my boyfriend then, was also there to keep him company while I stayed outside waiting for him to finish. 

 My uncle who has never failed to make a joke everytime he sees me. I remember he keeps his plate clean during meals, making sure not a piece of rice is left uneaten. In a way, he was obsessive compulsive. When he came to see me at the hospital where I was working, I saw him staring far away as if planning what to do next. He was peaceful. We confirmed he was sick. He told me to keep it. I go back and forth thinking if it was the right thing. But that was his wishes. 

 People that mattered to me. I would have wanted them here now but looking back on what Morrie had said, "We all die". It's not the first book that told me to cherish each moment with the people around us. Almost everyone said to cherish and love and respect each other. And I sincerely believe in it. Makes life easier now just by remembering these things.