Paging SM Management!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I don't know what's up with SM management but I don't think they've had a good information dissemination.

When I had a conversation with the management a few months before, they have assured me that parents who want to wash their kids may use the room for the elderly. So I assumed that their staff new about it. When we went to the restroom near Safari and Mang Inasal, I was surprised when the attendant said "bawal" maghugas doon. She directed us to the changing table and I said, "No, we need to wash him." She guided us to the 1st cubicle where her mops and rugs are placed. She explained that the sink is smaller in the elderly room and then she added that it's prohibited to wash kids there. So I told her about my conversation with their manager and she allowed us to use the room. She was even saying,"pwede na pala ngayon?" The attendant told me why they have prohibited it before and I told her that I knew about the incident because I was told by the manager during our conversation. I told her that I was harassed by their security guard when trying to breastfeed my son in public, that led to the meeting with the management. Do I have to keep telling every attendant in SM that their manager said, "It's Okay??!" What's up with that?

Have you been told not to wash your kids using the elderly room before?