Targeted OB Ultrasound for Primary Care Physicians

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Part of our Millenium Develoment Goal for 2015 is the reduction of Maternal Mortality Rate. In 2011, it has reached to 221 / 100,000 live births. In keeping with this, Davao Regional Hospital has had BEMONC and CEMONC trainings for primary care physicians, nurses and midwives. And in wanting to keep up with the newest technology, they initiated the "Tunog ni Nanay, Tunog ng Buhay", Targeted OB Ultrasound Training for Primary Care Physicians.

Dr. Arthur Suyco

Last July 16-25, 2012, I attended that said training and felt so lucky to be part of it. It is a pilot program offered for the first time here in the Philippines. This was the brainchild of Assec. Romulo Busuego, supported by UMFPA. For the different municipalities, the usual cause of maternal death is bleeding. And so with this new technology, the program aims to give primary care physicians a heads up on a patient's status in terms of fetal presentation, placental location, amniotic fluid index and age of gestation. The trainings were conducted by President of Institute of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Inc., Engr. David Santiago, FPSUS and his Technical Assistant, Ms. Gina Dela Cruz, PTRP, RMT, EMT, RHSO, FPSUS.

Mr. David Santiago

Miss Gina Dela Cruz

There were 12 participants from different municipalities. Some were from Visayas, the rest are from Mindanao. On the first day we were graced by Chief of Clinics, Dr. Arthur Suyco, the Program Coordinator, Dr. Jesse Monterde and the man himself, Dr. Romulo Busuego.

With Dr. Romulo Busuego

my scan

I didn't know what to expect, what they would be teaching us, or who my co-trainess were. I was just so excited for the training itself.

The objectives of the training was to make us, I would say, experts on targeted OB ultrasound. Targeted because we need only to identify the presence of pregnancy, identify the heart rate, location of the placenta, amniotic fluid index and presentation of the baby. These important key points will help us decrease the number of maternal mortalities in our respective areas.

The training was hard and very competitive for me. I was traveling back and forth an hour and a half everyday. I listened to the lectures on my iphone (I recorded it) while on the car. I did it for 10 days. But by the time it was over, I was beginning to miss the routine. I was missing friends. Sure some of them were getting on my nerves but I have learned to respect each and everyone of them and have grown to appreciate our differences.