Mommy's New Treats

Friday, January 25, 2013

I have been buying my treats from only one source. I have tried others but I like Mommy Treats more.

So many mommies have been raving about the Lactation Chocolate Spoons and her brownies. But let me start of with the spoons.

I've seen them melting in cups so I decided to try it. I didn't know how much water to put in the cup so I started halfway. My son saw me with the chocolate spoon and he just couldn't wait. He wanted to grab the cup, which was hot, and sip from it.

 As the chocolate was starting to melt, I couldn't help myself. I kept tasting it and tasting it until almost all the chocolates melted. The little chocolate left in the wooden spoon... well let's just say that with my son around, nothing can escape his mouth.

What started as this...

Photo courtesy of mommy treats

eventually led to this...

As for the taste... yummy! Just like a tablea, with all the yummy goodness for my milk. Yeah Yeah I know, it's all in the mind to increase my milk supply. But it wouldn't hurt me to add a little help from all this goodies.