My Realization and a New Year's Resolution

Friday, January 4, 2013

I think I'm beginnig to see a pattern here. Everytime the 'ber' months come in, my yayas tend to leave. From 4 personnel now I'm down to 2. That may be more to some but for me it's just too few. Having 3 small kids and constantly travelling and working full-time, it's not gonna be easy.

I've read some of our mommy bloggers having troubles of their own. I guess we all do. But when these people, who have been with us for a few months and whom we have learned to like, leave us for different reasons, somehow it makes us angry, confused and hurt.

Was it me? Was it my kids? Was the salary cheap? In one way or another, the whole event leaves me yearning for answers. But as time passes and seeing thru the anger, I came to the conclusion that somehow, one way or another, they will eventually leave and seek new roads to travel. I have had one yaya who worked for me for almost 3 years, paid for her education but wasn't able to finish despite the well compensated salary.

I've been told to leave it as it is but being OC, sometimes it's hard not to get a grip on things. A doctor told me that 90% of life, we can control. But there's that 10% that we have no control of, things that are bound to happen whether we like it or not.

I'm gonna make this a new year's resolution then, to not take things too seriously. Things will happen but it is in how we react to them that matters. It's not gonna be easy but will try. By the way, have you come up with your new year's resolution.