Our Very Own DIY Hawaiian Lei

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer has been full of fun for the kids. Enrolled them to summer class at St. Martha's and they had their a Hawaiian dance. Instead of buying ready-made lei, we decided to do our very own set. So first of all you will need:

flowers (whatever kind and color you want)
slower scissors or any kind of scissors
thread (the thicker the better)

i think these are mumps

scissors, needle and thread

I cut the buds and the blooming flowers. need them both. In between the blooming flowers,  we used the buds.

puncture flower at the base where it is thick so that the thread will hold the flower. Next is the bud, then another flower.

it will look like this.

This is my assistant for this DIY, one of the yaya. her name is Betty.

For the wrists and ankles, you can leave extra thread so that you can just tie the ends when you are about to use the leis.

For the head and necklace, you can connect both ends and sew then together. Be sure that the lengths are long enough and that you are satisfied with it before tying it together.

Here are some of the finished products which my daughter happily wore.

Don't worry about any unused flowers. You can always put them in the vase. Just like what I did. I took most of the leaves off and just left with the flowers.