M's First Day in School

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First day of school is always so intense for small kids. I had those times when I was younger. So when my two older daughters started school, it wasn't new to me that they'd be having a hard time in  the beginning.

So here comes my little boy, the bunso. For starters, he's very active, does what he wants, says what he thinks, fights for what he wants. Before classes began, we started talking to him about school, and he would always say, "No school." When we bought his shoes, we struggled to keep him still to try out the sizes. And to all the pairs of shoes we chose, he would always so, "no." But we had to settle for something.

First day came and I was bracing for the inevitable. He squirmed and cried and wanted to go home. I left him for a while because I didn't want him clinging on to me but I had to go back to school 'cuz he didn't wanna go inside the room without me. Lo and behold, he slept the remainder of the school hours ;)

Patience is a virtue, I always say. It takes practice and familiarity to keep him in school. With a very active boy, I know this is only the tip of the iceberg.