PMA National Orientation and Leadership Seminar

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last weekend, I was blessed to attend the Philippine Medical Association's National Orientation and Leadership Seminar. Mind you, I used the word "blessed" because first off, the 9:05 am Cebu Pacific flight was cancelled due to problems with the aircraft. We almost, almost decided not to attend. But since we were with some doctor friends, we decided to go anyway. And thank God we did. And thank God the flight landed safely. Well with the delay in our flight, I came in late. 

The first day was an orientation of the structure of Philippine Medical Association (PMA), which for new officers are very very informative. There are now 119th Component Societies and Davao Occidental Medical Society is the newest component society (woohoo!!!). Well being a new society comes with much work. 

The second day was more informative as we had great speakers to end the seminar. First off, let me just say that the President, Dr. Minerva Calimag is a techie. She has done a lot of techie stuff for the love of education and mind you, she's very active in facebook too.

We also had Atty. Marc Fabian Castrodes who spoke on Excellence in Motivational Leadership. A very inspiring speaker. He had so many to share, info on good books to read like "Drive" and "The Power of Habit". Maybe I'll try looking for his books as well, he said he wrote books too. And he is from Davao.

And of course, no seminars would be complete without the photo-op. Here with officers of other component societies of Southeastern Mindanao with our governor, Dr. Maria Lourdes G. Monteverde who is seated on the farthest left.