Calligraphy pads

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

While at SM Department store last week, I happen to stumble upon these pads. And boy was I like a kid who bought the biggest lollipop at a candy store.I was surprised to see these since its hard to find pads that really goes well with calligraphy inks. And since I couldn't decide which one to buy, I just had to buy each one. I chose the smaller ones. Although these came in both small and big sizes, I decided to get the smaller ones so I can easily bring them along.

Guidelined Sheets

Plain sheets smooth, 100 gsm

Plain Sheets Smooth, 200 gsm

If you noticed, each one is different from the other.  

You can always look at the back to get a clue of what kind of paper you're holding on to. 

So there you have it. Showed you the different pads available. I hope SM still has some more stocks of these.