The Mind Museum

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I have always been curious about "The Mind Museum" ever since I saw this on a blog. I've always wanted to take my kids their. So when we passed by the building, we couldn't pass the chance not to see what's inside.

They had displays of comic book heroes outside the actual entrance. We we went in and M had so much fun looking at his favourite characters.

I couldn't pass up the chance with Starwars, my favourite.

Since we're both Globe users, we got free pass.

When we got in, the kids were unstoppable. They wanted to keep going back. They had so much fun inside. So many unique things to look at and try.

This was M's favourite part.

I just had to try this one. This was the best part for me. Static electricity. R was wondering and didn't know what to expect. When it started and she saw her hair standing up, she couldn't stop laughing, and so did I.

Outside there was a playground, a very unique playground.