Stories from the Field

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We have come a long way since the World Health Organization chose Malita to be their pilot area, and we have gained so many small wins and the people have gained so many knowledge.  Now that the project has expanded to 9 other municipalities, this was the time to share those small gains to be able to inspire other municipalities, and learn from each other.

There is no easy way in motivating others. There is no easy way in making a change. But that doesn't mean that we just have to give up altogether. It is in small steps that we start to change things. It is in small things that we can make a change. Put together, we make make a world of difference.

This was the mantra of RD Dumama and has been adopted as the mantra of the whole Region XI.

Mam Saripa, shared her experience as a BHW of  Brgy. Fishing Village in Malita

Ma'am Lucille Nievera has been promoted and will be assigned in Papua New Guinea. We will surely miss you ma'am Lucille

Me with the hubby