A Reminder of the Past

Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's 2AM and I find myself still wide awake. No kids or husband to help me fall asleep this time, at least for tonight or this early. Although it's a bit hazy to look at the screen but I am awake. To kill the time and hopefully be in slumber, I try to watch movies, in this case a TV series. I just finished watching Elementary and now I'm into House.

There is so much going on in health that sometimes you tend to lose the other side of being a doctor. I always found myself treating patients, catching babies, suturing, all sorts of dirty work. But there is also the other side of it... administrative.  And sometimes it consumes the whole of your being. Whilst being consumed, you tend to forget things... dosages, maintenance formula for IV fluids during hydration, and other stuff.

House or House MD if you wanna google it was part of our reviewer in taking the board exam. Back when the TV series started, it was the height of my medical education. Every week, a new case was on. We'd make a silly bet that the case would come out in our exams. Well some of it did.

It's reminiscent of my younger years (ouch). But it's also reminiscent of why I went into medicine. And not the administrative dealings that goes with it. Treating people, connecting with people, solving the puzzle of illnesses. The rationale of having big medical books in order to understand the human body, and not human politics. Sometimes, I just wanna concentrate on treating people... and not treating the system.

Well... back to House MD!