Hotel Lotions

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sometimes when I leave the house I tend to forget to put on some lotion. Seems like I'm always in a hurry. Hubby would wait on me by the door. If eyes could speak, he would be saying, "Are you ready to go?" :)

Every time we stay in a hotel, hubby likes to keep the vanity kits. Except for the hotel soap which I always use to wash my hands, everything else, we keep. Since we bring our own soap and shampoo, we never use the hotel kits. It was only until a few months ago that I realized how convenient these things are, especially hotel lotions. 

Since I wash my hands a couple of times a day, my hands tend to get dry. Traveling a lot also makes my skin dry. This is where this thing comes in handy. I can just put on some lotion even when we're traveling. Really really convenient. 

So the next time you stay in the hotel, check out their vanity kits.