Sunday, April 16, 2017

Once in awhile I'd like to go out with no make-up on (because I get pimples wearing them and also because I hate wearing them basically). I like to wear just t-shirts, shorts and a pair of slippers. I don't see anything wrong with it, for as long as I'm not walking naked, wouldn't you agree?

But with the society we have, with so many ads regarding make-up, women walking around with heavy  make-up in broad daylight, discrimantion comes in.

Discrimination, according to Webster, is the practice of unfairly treating a person or a group of people differently from other people or groups of people.

Stepping into a mall, literally wearing something very simple, isn't enough. You have to wear make-up, wear jewelries, so that these salesladies wouldn't think that you don't have any money. Me and my friend walk into a shoe shop. We just finished our training for the day, and we decided to walk around and do some shopping. So here we are stepping into a store. When we walked in, we didn't get a greeting, not even a "hello". After a few minutes, a woman walked in, wearing jeans but with make up and a branded bag, the lady greets the potential customer and tries to greet her at the door. Me and my friend looked at each other and decided to just leave the store.

This same friend wanted to buy a wig. She was waiting for her mother inside a department store. She spotted a wig she liked and asked the saleslady if she could look at it. This saleslady immediately told her that it's not cheap, and that it cost something. First off, she wanted to look at the item and not asked the price. 

A friend of mine borded a plane wearing plain jeans and shirt with a pair of flip-flops. She was trying to call the attention of the flight attendant but it seems though that she didn't see her. While another  passenger tried to call the flight attendant's attention and she was immediately attended to.

I know you've experienced those days as well. What is wrong with people nowadays. Are we that superficial? Just saying.