Attack of the Head Lice!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I wonder if celebrities and Hollywood stars ever get to have head lice. I'm pretty sure some of you did, and it's such a pain in the a__! Not only is it difficult to eliminate, it takes time and real effort. And what bugs the most is that when you have eliminated the lice, yaya or your kid's schoolmate may have it and may again infect another.

About a few months ago, my eldest daughter had this. Since most of the housemaids are from the province, some have had it before working for us. What's a mother to do but treat each member of the household. I bought each one a fine-toothed comb (suyod) from a local supermarket. It took a month before  it was completely eradicated.

Licealiz shampoo is one of the many treatments for head lice. It's under Lamoiyan company. It's to be used twice a week for two weeks when treating and once a week to prevent recurrence. But this doesn't mean you do nothing else. You have to use a fine toothed comb on your hair and manually pick out the eggs to completely eliminate head lice.

I used it on my 2 kids and it is safe for breastfeeding mothers as well. As I've read, the content of pyrethrin is small enough that lactating mothers can also use it.

So does my kids having head lice make me a negligent parent? Some would say I may be, for letting my kids down when in comes to proper hygiene. Some would say that it is normal for growing kids. I would say that my kids are small and needs people to take care of them while I put food on the table, send them to school and provide warmth to their small bodies. I would be negligent if I do nothing and let the infestation proceed. I would be negligent if I do not treat them and everyone else in the house.

How about you, what's you experience with head lice?