What I'm wearing today...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nope this is not a post about clothes. I'm not an expert on that area. What I love more than clothes are jewelries. My mom knows that. She usually gives me a pair when she buys jewelries. (love you mom!) Though some of which have been STOLEN! See here on my previous post.

The more exquisite ones, I keep for special occasions. For everyday wear, I lean more on the simple designs. Recently I have this fondness for yellow gold jewelries. My mother took note of that so she let me borrowed some of her yellow gold jewelries.

And these are my jewelries for today.

A set of heart earrings and ring with diamonds,
my wedding ring,
tri-color bangle I bought from paul and anna online shop

Mother and child pendant which my mom gave me
Have a productive day everyone and keep safe:)