My blessings in 2011

Saturday, February 11, 2012

There are so many things to be thankful for. Let me start off with the birth of my one and only boy, GM. Born via repeat CS at 37 weeks by ultrasound with no complications despite my ordeal before giving birth. I had Dengue Fever and Vaginal Spotting before giving birth.

R had her first taste of school. It was a month full of tears at first but eventually she loved going to school and seeing her teachers and friends.

the calm before the storm.

K was able to walk on her own. She was determined to play with her ate so she was able to walk on her own at 1 year and 2-months-old.

Before giving birth, I applied at the Rural Health Unit in Malita and got accepted.

my co-workers

I won an Ameda breastpump from the Manila Fashion Observer and Babymama. This is my 3rd breastpump. Isn't that nice?!

I won three 1 oz snappies bottles from mommy matters. I decided to put my chewing gums in it and it seals nicely.

Hubby had his graduation rites for his residency training. After 5 long years, he's done! Officially though, his duties ends this month.

with my MIL

And a lot more blessings have come my way. Thank you so much Lord for this and for everything. Looking forward to a more fruitful 2012.