Crocodile Park Part 1 (Best Ever Field Trip)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Crocodile Park has been my daughters favorite place ever since my parents brought them there. We kept going back and have soon memorized where the animals are housed. But this trip was different. It was my reward to my daughters for having done so well in school.

Before going there I made sure they got their afternoon naps. I didn't want them sleeping during those times. So when both were awake, off to the park we went.

We arrived just in time. A few minutes after we arrived, it was time to feed the animals.

Baby tiger sleeping after being fed

My kids were excited and they even shouted when the crocodile almost bit the caretaker.

 K loves animals. Even before she turned 1-year-old, we knew how much she loves to be near them.

I was too scared to touch them myself but K had a blast.